A day in the life of a UNIFIL Peacekeeper

20 Jun 2022

A day in the life of a UNIFIL Peacekeeper

The work of Peacekeepers  is not an easy ride, but do we know what happens during their daily regular activities?

A short video series showcasing the daily activities of UNIFIL Peacekeepers highlighting their diversity, different background and culture, but all of them focusing on preserving stability in this region. They are one of the mission’s essential assets working in the implementation of our mandate under UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

What makes their lives  unique, it’s the significant role they play on the ground to ensure stability and provide assistance to the local communities. UNIFIL peacekeepers come from different countries working for a long period of time far from their families and loved ones. They have  a full time job, working around the clock to create the conditions for a lasting peace, living  side-by-side with local communities.

Over the past 44 years, since the establishment of the mission in 1978, UNIFIL peacekeepers have made substantial efforts to further stability and making a tangible difference to the communities they serve. Since 2006, the south of Lebanon has in fact witnessed one of its longest period of stability.

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