Blood for Life

Malaysian peacekeeper donating blood at Marjeyoun public hospital.

Malaysian peacekeepers waiting their turn at Marjeyoun public hospital to donate blood.

Malaysian peacekeeper donating blood at Marjeyoun public hospital.

Danny Romany, laboratory supervisor in Marjeyoun hospital, holding the units of blood donated by Malcoy peacekeepers.

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2 Jan 2013

Blood for Life

 It all started when Jamil Saab from the town of Kawkaba got into a terrible accident on the 14th of September and needed an O-negative blood transfusion, but couldn't find any. The seventeen year old boy's state was quiet critical, so everyone got involved to help.

The mayor of Kawkaba took the initiative and contacted the Malaysian peacekeepers in UNIFIL requesting their aid in order to save this young man's life. And so the Malaysians acted according to their tradition back home 'Whenever the country is in need the army comes to the rescue'.

And they came to the rescue of this young boy's life providing him with the blood he needed and took matters into their own hands. They contacted the Lebanese Red Cross and the director of Marjeyoun public hospital and promised them a steady supply of blood.

Every week 4 soldiers would visit the hospital and donate each 450 cc of blood to be stored for future usage.
Sergeant Yahya Zulazizi donated O+, Captain Silvester Chai B+, Sergeant Mohamad Bistaman A+, and Lt Corporal Bala Krisnan A+.
Sergeant Zulazizi insisted that his primary goal is to help the local population, whereas Captain Chai considered that we all should help each other and donate blood because we simply cannot fabricate it.

The laboratory supervisor in Marjeyoun hospital Danny Romany explained that usually they lack a steady storage of blood.
"We, here on the border line, are in dire need for blood donations. Some of our patients undergo dialysis and cardiac treatments therefore demand constant blood transfusions and we don't have any regular donors except the patient's family in case of emergencies" said Romany.

Head of the Malcoy medical team, Lt Col Dr Mohd Rosli Majid, said that the Malaysian commanders and soldiers are really eager to help. "We took the initiative and from now there will be a steady supply of blood in this hospital for all emergencies and non-emergencies" he added.

The deputy commander of Malcoy Lt Col Mohamad Ismael insisted that no orders were given to the soldiers for donating blood, it was a voluntary act. "Although we come from a different culture and society, however we are all similar in humanity" said Lt Col Ismael.

The hospital of Marjeyoun is very grateful as its director Dr. Moueniss Kalakish puts it. "Our initial reaction when hearing about the Malaysian's initiative was complete support. Blood transfer is a dire human and medical necessity, we cannot but thank them in advance for the lives they shall save" he said.


Article: Ghinwa El Deek
Photos: Pascual Gorriz Marcos
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