• 251 - Salam from the South - Raising Awareness about UXOs | 22 March 2023

    Recently an Explosive Ordnance Risk Education event was organized at Al Tahrir High School in Al Sultaniyah village, south Lebanon. The event, a joint effort of many stakeholders, aimed to raise awareness among students of the dangers of unexploded ordnances and explosive remnants of war, in order to reduce accidents and deaths.

  • 250 - Salam from the South - Safeguarding Lebanon’s Territorial Waters | 6 March 2023

    UNIFIL Maritime Task Force is the first naval component in the history of United Nations peacekeeping operations and was deployed in Lebanon under Security Council Resolution 1701 back in 2006.  The Task Force has, since the very beginning, been providing substantial support to the Lebanese Navy, not only in monitoring territorial waters but also in building its capacity and capabilities.

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  • 249 - Salam from the South - Planning and Coordinating Together | 2 February 2023

    Close cooperation between the Lebanese Armed Forces and UNIFIL is necessary, not just to accomplish the mandate, but to achieve common goals of stability and security so that people in south Lebanon have the chance to live life in peace. As part of this, the Lebanese Armed Forces and UNIFIL conduct a number of operational activities together every single day. These joint activities include patrols and training exercises. With so many tasks and so many people involved, organizing all of this requires a well-coordinated planning mechanism.


  • 248 - Salam from the South - Empowering Fishermen's Wives | 12 December 2022

    Because the fishing profession is seasonal and depends largely on favorable weather conditions, fishermen cannot go out to sea during stormy or rainy days, or even when the wind is too strong during the summertime. To alleviate some of the hardship on the fishermen’s families, UNIFIL Civil Affairs in collaboration with LEE Experience, a Non-Governmental Organization, implemented a project that aimed at empowering 16 fishermen’s wives in the fish post-harvesting process.

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  • 247 - Salam from the South – Women train to be Mediators (in English) | 25 November 2022

    Recently, UNIFIL Civil Affairs joined the Gender Advisory Unit in collaboration with UN Women and the Professional Mediation Center of Saint-Joseph University to support a women mediation training aimed at enhancing women's capacity to negotiate and mediate on domestic issues of concern for their communities. A total of twenty-two female participants were trained on various negotiation and mediation skills and techniques on domestic issues.

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  • 246 - Salam from the South – Building Bridges for Peace (in English) | 26 October 2022

    On 11 December 2006, in a Tripartite meeting, a Liaison and Coordination Arrangement was agreed by UNIFIL, the Lebanese Armed Forces and the Israel Defense Forces. UNIFIL's Liaison mechanism plays a crucial role to prevent misunderstandings, de-escalate tensions between Lebanon and Israel and better implement United Nations Resolution 1701.

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  • 245 - Salam from the South – UNIFIL and LAF Exercising Together (in English) | 13 October 2022

    UNIFIL and the Lebanese Army recently conducted a joint exercise, called Steel Storm, combining armoured vehicles and live fire. Joint exercises are a key part of UNIFIL’s mandate under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701 to support the Lebanese Armed Forces and build their capacity to accomplish their own tasks under the resolution.

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  • 244 - Salam from the South – UNIFIL supports the Lebanese Armed Forces (in English) | 27 September 2022

    UNIFIL is in south Lebanon to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1701, and part of its mandate is to support the Lebanese Armed Forces operating in the area. Recently, an operations building, as well as a briefing and conference room for Army Intelligence, was refurbished within the main Lebanese Armed Forces barracks in Tyre with the support of UNIFIL’s Finnish Battalion.

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  • 243 - Salam from the South – International Day of Peace - Vox pops (in English) | 20 September 2022

    On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, marked each year on September 21st, UNIFIL’s Radio programme “Salam from the South” asked people around south Lebanon what they think about peace, and how can it be achieved.

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  • 242 - Salam from the South – Fighting Fires Together (in English) | 07 September 2022

    UNIFIL’s main mission is to maintain peace and stability along the Blue Line and throughout its area of operations, according to Security Council resolution 1701. However, where it has the capacity and upon request from the local authorities, UNIFIL can extend a helping hand in other areas. Peacekeepers occasionally jump into action to help the Lebanese Armed Forces and the Civil Defense in fighting fires, especially bushfires, in the south. 

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