• 182 -Salam from the South - A soldier who became an astronaut (in Arabic) | 06 Sep 2019

    Astronaut – Engineer Paolo Nespoli has been three times on the orbit of Earth. Going there was his long-time dream and it took him a while to materialize it. His way to stars begun in his native Italy. Though, Lebanon where he served as a peacekeeper played, in his own words, an important part in his transformation from a soldier into an astronaut. We caught up with him during his recent visit to UNIFIL Headquarters in Naqoura.

    Here is the link to full story in SoundCloud.

  • 181 - Salam from the South - Fijian Legacy (in Arabic)

    “We have a lot of history in Lebanon. For us, Fijians, UNIFIL was the first peacekeeping mission which we joined on 12th of June 1978. It was right before our very eyes the South, a land of conflicts, has turned into a calm and stable area and we would like to think that we have also contributed to this,” says Major Semi Soko Baravilala, Commanding Officer of UNIFIL’s last Fijian contingent.

    Here is the link to full story in SoundCloud (in Arabic).

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