• 230- Salam from the South - Women In Blue Helmets (in English) | 07 March 2022

    Women have made enormous contributions in peacekeeping. Among UNIFIL’s 10,000 soldiers there are many women in uniform leading patrols, working with local communities, removing landmines, and providing medical care, among other roles.

    This Radio story is about two female peacekeepers performing some of the most challenging duties in south Lebanon.

  • 229- Salam from the South - Austrian Donation (in English) | 15 February 2022

    UNIFIL and its troop-contributing countries are proud to support projects that help local people and communities – projects in health care (including COVID-19 prevention), education, the environment, food security, agriculture, and more. The Austrian contingent’s strong support for the Mosan Center for children with special needs is but one example of the close relationships UNIFIL peacekeepers have with the local community.

  • 228- Salam from the South - Patrolling

    Patrolling is one of the most important activities that peacekeepers perform. Patrols allow peacekeepers to monitor the cessation of hostilities, and take note of any suspicious or unusual activity, to immediately inform Lebanese Armed Forces colleagues for action.

  • 227- Salam from the South - Together in the Sea (in English) | 17 January 2022

    The first United Nations naval peacekeeping force in history, UNIFIL’s MTF supports the Lebanese Navy in monitoring Lebanese territorial waters, securing the Lebanese coast, and preventing the unauthorized entry of arms or related materiel into Lebanon by sea. The MTF’s mission also focuses on training the Lebanese Navy so in the future it can fully perform the maritime security tasks currently supported by UNIFIL’s naval peacekeepers.

  • End of year message from UNIFIL's Head of Mission and Force Commander, Major General Stefano Del Col
  • 226- Salam from the South - UNIFIL Stands with the LAF (in English) | 23 December 2021

    Through the adoption of resolution 2591 renewing UNIFIL’s mandate in August 2021, the United Nations Security Council noted Lebanon’s unprecedented socio-economic and humanitarian crises. In that context, the 15-member Council requested UNIFIL to take “temporary and special measures” to support the Lebanese Army with essential items like medicine, fuel, food, and other logistics.

  • 225- Salam from the South - Liaison Mechanism in UNIFIL (in English) | 06 December 2021

    Lebanon and Israel don’t talk to each other directly, so UNIFIL acts as a mediator. UNIFIL’s Liaison Branch is part of this mechanism. With the conflicting parties – Lebanon and Israel – still technically in a state of war, when tensions are high any violation of the Blue Line, any inadvertent movement in the area, or any imprudent remark may cause an eruption of violence. Only an enduring UNIFIL presence all along the Blue Line can ensure that the smallest incident will not escalate into a greater crisis.

  • 224- Salam from the South - Strategic Partners (in English) | 25 November 2021

    UNIFIL is working in south Lebanon to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1701 and supporting the Lebanese Armed Forces in the area. Close cooperation between LAF and UNIFIL is of paramount importance in order to preserve calm in the area and assist local communities.

  • 223- Salam from the South - Joint Exercises (in English) | 08 November 2021

    Under UN Security Council Resolution 1701, UNIFIL supports the Lebanese Armed Forces in providing security and stability in south Lebanon as well as enhancing their capacities and capabilities through joint activities and trainings.

  • 222 - Salam from the South - UNIFIL supports LAF medical facility in Tyre (in English) | 11 October 2021

    UNIFIL is striving to support the Lebanese Armed Forces, its strategic partner, through the unprecedented crises as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the socio-economic situation. Recently, the medical facility within the main Lebanese Armed Forces barracks in Tyre was refurbished with the support of UNIFIL’s Italian Battalion.