• 211 - Salam from the South - Clearing minefields (in English) | 01 Apr 2021

    April 4 of every year is International Mine Awareness Day. Since 2006, UNIFIL has cleared around 4,700,000 square metres of land in south Lebanon and destroyed 43,500 mines, bombs, and unexploded ordnances. This painstaking but necessary work is currently carried out by UNIFIL’s Chinese and Cambodian contingents.

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  • 210 - Salam from the South - Supporting Women in their Challenge (in English) | 08 Mar 2021

    One of UNIFIL’s priorities is helping to ensure the full, effective, and meaningful participation of women in society. Recently, UNIFIL helped refurbish a vocational training room in Tyre, south Lebanon, where women learn skills in hair dressing and make-up that they can use to earn income. This project aims to give women more independence and a greater voice in their communities.

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  • 209- Salam from the South - Brazilian Navy concludes UNIFIL MTF mission (in English) | 04 Feb 2021

    After almost a decade-long service with UNIFIL’s Maritime Task Force, assisting Lebanese Navy in securing the country’s vast territorial waters, Brazilian peacekeepers have concluded their mission in Lebanon. The Brazilian MTF flagship, Frigate BRS Independência left Beirut Harbour on 02 December 2020. UNIFIL radio interviewed the outgoing MTF commander, Rear Admiral Sérgio Salgueirinho, who handed over the command to Rear Admiral Axel Schulz of Germany on 15 January 2021.

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  • 208 - Salam from the South - Ambulance as a Gift (in English) | 07 Dec 2020

    The head of UNIFIL Civil Affairs, Albagir Adam, says the Mission’s activities aiming at supporting local communities have become even more important in the wake of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. To this end, Mr. Adam adds that $165,000, which is about one third of the UNIFIL fund allocated for various humanitarian projects in 2020, have been spent in community projects dealing with the pandemic. On top of this, many national contingents have been providing assistance to the local communities.

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  • 207 - Salam from the South - Blida olive harvesting (in Arabic) | 03 December 2020

    Olive trees have made significant contributions to the Lebanese history, culture and identity, while providing for centuries the oil for the lamps of the saints and the food for the farmers. The very same vegetation has also made quite an important contribution to building bonds of friendship between UNIFIL and the communities in south Lebanon, especially in circumstances like the one in Blida. UNIFIL Radio recently visited the south-eastern Lebanese town to highlight this special bond and to show how UNIFIL peacekeepers are working to maintain peace in the area.

  • 206 - Salam from the South - UNIFIL Mandate Renewal (in English) | 06 November 2020

    UNIFIL mandate has to be approved every year at the end of August and that is exactly what happened on 28 August this year where the 15 member states of the UN Security Council were unanimous on renewing our mandate for one more year. We, in UNIFIL Radio, asked the Head of Mission and Force Commander Major General Stefano Del Col to speak on the latest renewal of UNIFIL’s mandate.

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  • 205 - Salam from the South - Demonstrating Solidarity (in English) | 22 Oct 2020

    UNIFIL Chief of Staff Brig. Gen. Jean-Pierre Fagué says he is very proud of the work of UNIFIL peacekeepers in the Beirut Port and surrounding areas, carried out within a special and temporary deployment. He was speaking with UNIFIL Radio at the peak of their mission in support of Lebanese efforts in the wake of the tragic 4 August explosions that lasted from 27 September to 23 October 2020. They removed debris in the port and cleared streets and protected some historical sites in the downtown. Their deployment, as Gen. Fagué stressed out, is a demonstration of solidarity with Lebanon and its people in the aftermath of the devastating explosions.

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  • 204 - Salam from the South - Rescue at sea (in English) | 22 Sep 2020

    Summing up a search and rescue operation carried out on 14 September 2020, UNIFIL Maritime Task Force Commander, Rear Admiral Sergio Salgueirinho, says that in total the lives of 36 individuals were saved. Unfortunately, there was also another person who was not that lucky. It was a long day full of drama and self-sacrificing rescue efforts. It was not for the first time UNIFIL Maritime Task Force, deployed in 2006 at the request of the Lebanese Government, has been involved in such an operation.
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  • 203 - Salam from the South - Ghanaian peacekeepers committed to implement UNIFIL’s mandate (in English) |16 Sep 2020

    UNIFIL Ghanian Battalion Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Atuluk Abbas, talks about monitoring the Blue Line or rather a part of it passing through the battalion’s area of responsibility. Despite the crisis triggered by the Coronavirus, Ghanaian peacekeepers conduct dozens of patrols daily in the southern extremes of Lebanon to maintain peace and calm in the region.

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  • 202 - Salam from the South - Friends in Need (in English) | 3 Sep 2020

    As the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said, the legendary strength of the Lebanese people now faces an additional test. Throughout its history, the city of Beirut has been destroyed and rebuilt seven times. While still mourning the dead and those still missing, Lebanese citizens are determined to rebuild their shattered homes and businesses with the hope of bringing their city back to its former glory and the UN, and UNIFIL as a part of the broader UN system, is committed in assisting them in every way possible. UNIFIL Radio has taken a closer look at the port to see how Peacekeepers are providing a firsthand assistance to the Lebanese authorities.

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