“Empowering” the Lebanese Armed Forces

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7 Sep 2022

“Empowering” the Lebanese Armed Forces

Yes, it is a play on words, but, quite literally, the Lebanese Armed Forces’ (LAF) South Litani Sector HQ has been given “power” by UNIFIL’s Republic of Korea Battalion (ROKBATT) in the form of a solar power generating system.

The electricity supply situation in Lebanon is intermittent and unreliable, a direct result of the severe economic crisis, rising prices, and the collapse the currency’s value. Furthermore, the fuel needed to run the backup generators for electricity is in short supply and rising in price.

The answer is to have a better and free backup electricity supply system.

ROKBATT has been assisting the LAF SLS since 2020 with the provision of PPEs and medicine, renovation of the barrack infirmary and the donation of 10 armored vehicles. In August of this year the UNIFIL peacekeeping contingent initiated the first solar power system installation enabling up to 55% of the HQ’s power supply to derive from the sun.

On 2 September 2022 part 2 of the solar array system was inaugurated. This expansion increased the system from 5 solar panel arrays to 9 and boosted the capacity from 55% to 80%.

“Multiple solar power generation systems built and funded by ROKBATT now produce more than 60 percent of electricity that SLS Command uses”, stated SLS Commander Brig. Gen. Maroun QOBAYATI. “Ever since ROKBATT deployed in Lebanon, they have constantly supported the Lebanese people and I would like to say, as a Lebanese person, I cannot be more thankful to them as ROKBATT always tries to help and improve the lives of Lebanese people.”

This solar power generation system is not only improving the living conditions of SLS Command personnel but will also play a huge role in SLS Command maintaining its operability.

But the solar “empowering” project is not over yet. There are plans by ROKBATT to further expand the current solar system to enable the LAF South Litani Sector HQ to become as self-reliant and operable as possible.