UNIFIL trains Tyre municipal policemen

The seventeen Tyre police participants listening to the Carabinieri commander’s directions during a practical exercise.

A police participant during the practical exercise at UNIFIL headquarters.

The Carabinieri commander gives opening remarks at the opening of the police training at UNIFIL headquarters in Naqoura.

UNIFIL Deputy-Force Commander and local authority representatives during the Police Training closure ceremony at UNIFIL.

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6 Mar 2015

UNIFIL trains Tyre municipal policemen

Seventeen Tyre municipal policemen recently completed six days of training at UNIFIL headquarters in Naqoura. The training was conducted by UNIFIL Military Police - the Italian Carabinieri and facilitated by Civil Affairs section.

"This training taught me how to carry out my duties using modern techniques and frisking suspects in a modernized way," said Hassan Siklawi, a policeman from Tyre municipality, during the closing ceremony.

A total of 24 hours of training was provided to the trainees over the six-day period. The training focused on communication techniques, coordination, discipline, different types of patrols, proximity policing, crime scene recognition methods, searching cars, and dealing with suspects and traffic accidents.

Thanking UNIFIL for the initiative, Deputy Mayor of Tyre Municipality, Haj Salah Sebrawi said, "this training demonstrated the professionalism of the Carabinieri team, which in turn will be reflected on the performance of our policemen. It will contribute to greater overall satisfaction for the people in Tyre."

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) collaborated with UNIFIL by donating training kits comprising of different items including, masks, measuring tapes, disposable caps and footwear covers, torch, among other items for the trainees.

According to Marwan Kotob, a representative of UNDP and field officer in south Lebanon, UNDP was able to cater for the needs of the policemen following approval by the Interior Ministry, and hopes to apply the training in 46 municipalities in Lebanon in collaboration with UNIFIL's military police, Carabinieri, under the Building Peace Program."

UNIFIL Civil Affairs Chief, Mr. Al Bagir Adam, explained that the training will enhance the capabilities of the police in terms of cooperation with other military and security units on the ground, taking a strong grip on the security, and managing up with the social security."
"We hope this training corresponds with our support for the southern community in compliance with UNSCR 1701," said Al Bagir, noting that "the rain starts with one drop."