UNIFIL supports the Lebanese Armed Forces

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3 Oct 2022

UNIFIL supports the Lebanese Armed Forces

UNIFIL is working in south Lebanon to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1701, at the request of the Lebanese government. Part of the mission’s mandate is to help and support the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) operating in the area.

Keeping the LAF strong is crucial in order to increase their presence and preserve stability along the Blue Line and throughout the area of operations in south Lebanon.

Recently, UNIFIL’s Finnish Battalion refurbished a building, a conference and briefing room for the Army Intelligence at the main LAF barracks in Tyre.

“This project will improve the working and living conditions of the LAF personnel.” Stated LAF South Litani Sector Commander Brig. Gen. Maroun Al-Qobayati.

UNIFIL-LAF cooperation is at the core of the peacekeeping mission’s mandate. UNIFIL works closely with the LAF every day. They coordinate operational activities, including patrols, even when peacekeepers are patrolling independently.

Listen to this radio episode to know more about UNIFIL’s recent support to the LAF, and its positive impact on soldiers’ service motivation.

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