UNIFIL and LAF in joint tactical exercises (27 June- 1 July)

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12 Jul 2022

UNIFIL and LAF in joint tactical exercises (27 June- 1 July)

Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) personnel and UNIFIL peacekeepers from both the Republic of Korea and Italy recently took part in a five-day joint training exercise in Tyre, south Lebanon.

The training aimed to refine procedures to help UNIFIL and the LAF work better together in UNIFIL’s area of responsibility. 

It began with a combat and medical aid training scenario, followed by a live exercise where the two forces practiced what they learned together. 

Such joint training exercises enhance UNIFIL and LAF capabilities and readiness while improving mutual understanding, support, and trust – all of which help us achieve our common goal of promoting peace and security in south Lebanon. 

The final exercise was attended by Brigadier General Massimiliano Stecca, Commander of the UNIFIL’s Sector West and of the Italian Contingent; Brigadier General Edgard Lawandas, Commander of the 5th Brigade of the LAF; Colonel Claudio Guaschino, Commander of the Italian maneuvering battalion on a regimental basis, Lagunari Serenissima; and the Commander of the Korean maneuvering battalion, Colonel In-Soo Kang.