Tyre celebrates World Water Day

Children play an educational game about water presentation.

A student from the District of Tyre, south Lebanon, participating at the World Water Day celebration.

UNIFIL Sector West commander, Stefano Del Col speaks at the World Water Day campaign in the Roman Ruins of Tyre, south Lebanon.

School children listen to a presentation about the quality of water.

Irish soldier painting the face of a participant.

Participant from the private sector gives a presentation about water cycle.

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31 Mar 2015

Tyre celebrates World Water Day

This year, 830 students from 9 public and private schools in Tyre district convened at the Roman archeological site in the city to commemorate the World Water Festival.

Children engaged in hands-on water activities at learning stations and exhibits during the festival. They participated in educational games about the value of water in their lives and the means of saving it. The 6 learning stations were very interactive and children greatly enjoyed the educational games.

The stations' topics focused on: the hydrologic cycle, ground water, spring water, wetlands, water management, water conservation, water properties and soils.

Talking about the importance of the festival, Nasser Sabbagh, Civil Affairs National officer, explained that the unique aspect of this festival is that it combines knowledge and entertainment to enhance children's awareness about water conservation and better use of water resources.

While grounded in water science principles, the festival – the third in three years - also promotes multidisciplinary approaches of learning by integrating: social science, geography, math, language arts, and art.

This year's event was organized by UNIFIL Civil Affairs together with Nestlé Company, Tyre Municipality and Ministry of Culture, with the participation of UNIFIL's Italian and Finn-Irish battalions.