Supporting a Children’s Summer Camp

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4 Aug 2022

Supporting a Children’s Summer Camp

20 children and their parents took part in Souq Al Khan’s Center for Care and Development summer camp, which was in part supported by UNIFIL’s Indian Battalion, INDBATT.

The children enjoyed a variety of games, entertainment, and a stage performance. INDBATT took part in the event as well, showing off the skills of the battalion’s highly trained dogs. The military dog show was especially well received by the children who had never seen dogs perform in such a way before.

The Indian Peacekeepers took advantage of the opportunity to mingle with the crowd and engage with the community, which knows the battalion and their work well. INDBATT has served with UNIFIL for 24 years already and is further known and appreciated by farmers and shepherds for their veterinary services.

The principal of the Center, Ms. Lina Abou Karnib expressed her appreciation for the battalion’s logistical support in pitching the camp’s tents and their involvement with the children.