Statement attributable to the UNIFIL Spokesperson’s office

12 Sep 2022

Statement attributable to the UNIFIL Spokesperson’s office

In recent days, a great deal of misinformation and disinformation about UNIFIL’s mandate has been circulating in the media.  

Our peacekeepers remain committed to security and stability in south Lebanon, and to continue to support the people who live here.  

UNIFIL has always had the mandate to undertake patrols in its area of operations, with or without the Lebanese Armed Forces. Nevertheless, our operational activities, including patrols, continue to be coordinated with the Lebanese Army, even when they don't accompany us. 

Our freedom of movement has been reiterated in Security Council resolutions renewing UNIFIL’s mandate, including Resolution 1701 in 2006, and UNIFIL’s Status of Forces Agreement, signed in 1995.  

We work closely with the LAF every day, and this has not changed.  

Facts are important, and we encourage media and others to check directly with us before passing along incorrect information that could needlessly increase tensions between peacekeepers and the communities we are here to help.