A Solar Array for a Hospital

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13 Dec 2022

A Solar Array for a Hospital

Solar power can be an invaluable source of free power for households, community facilities and municipal buildings. When a hospital is outfitted with solar power, this renewable source of electricity takes on an even higher level of value due to the potential to help save lives.

The Martyr Salah Ghandour Hospital in Bint Jbeil, South Lebanon was the recipient of a 540-kW solar energy system that can cover 70% of the hospital’s electricity needs. The project was initiated by UNIFIL’s Polish Contingent back in 2021 and saw its inauguration on 3 December 2022.

Funded entirely by Poland’s development and humanitarian assistance branch, Polish Aid, the project was implemented by peacekeepers working closely with the director of Ghandour Hospital, Mr. Mohamad Ahmad Sleiman, to design a solar energy system tailored to the needs of the hospital.

Possibly the largest such system yet in UNIFIL’s area of operations, the solar array boasts 168 solar panels with all the necessary battery and electrical accessories. The hospital’s rooftop was first fitted with a steel support structure to support the large number of panels.

“When one of the language assistants from the Polish Contingent called me to schedule the meeting with the Polish Team, I didn’t expect that we will come to such a great result,” said Mr. Sleiman, Ghandour Hospital’s director.

This was UNIFIL Polish Contingent’s second solar project in support of local communities in South Lebanon. The inauguration was attended by Poland’s Ambassador to the Lebanese Republic, Mr. Przemysław Niesiolowski; the Commander of the Polish Contingent, Lt. Colonel Tomasz Panek; and the Director of Ghandour Hospital, Mr. Mohamad Ahmad Sleiman, among many others.