Soap making workshop

Teacher talking to women from Ramieh village about soap making process, in south Lebanon.

Women cutting freshly made soap in Ramieh, south Lebanon during a training financed by UNIFIL.

Women watching teacher levelling freshly made soap in Ramieh village, south Lebanon.

Women compacting new soap during training in Ramieh, south Lebanon.

Woman from Ramieh village smelling a soap that she just made during a training financed by UNIFIL.

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18 Sep 2014

Soap making workshop

Twenty-five women from the southern town of Ramieh are benefitting from a series of workshops organised by the municipality. After learning about knitting as an incoming generating activity, the women were invited to learn to make soap from olive crops during the month of September 2014.

Using olive oil, bay oil and other materials, the ladies learnt how to make soap without heating, and were saved the disappointment of seeing it crumble after working on it for hours.

UNIFIL Civil Affairs Officer, Nasser Sabbah explained that this workshop aims at building the capacity of women in Ramieh and to allow them to find ways to provide additional income to their families.

"This course has been excellent, as it does not require much time, and we can do it from home," one of the participants said.

The 6500 dollar project was financed by UNIFIL and is part of a series of workshops requested by the women of Ramieh through the mayor.