The Secret of Pasta

Tyre Public Technical School students keenly follow the demonstration on rolling pasta dough by UNIFIL Italian chef, Roberto Marfella.

Students are taught how to slice pasta dough during a demonstration on Italian cuisine.

Students try their hand at slicing pasta dough.

And now the students are taught how to cook other ingredients by UNIFIL Italian chef Roberto Marfella.

After boiling the pasta, UNIFIL Italian chef Roberto Marfella demonstrates to students at Tyre Public Technical School how to drain water from the pasta.

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17 Jul 2013

The Secret of Pasta

The course, which was held for 25 students, is not the first of its kind, but part of a series of cooking courses organized by the Italian Civil-Military Cooperation Unit in Tyre and in Qana, in collaboration with UNIFIL Civil Affairs.

"The Italian cuisine course is an additional value for the specialization of the students that opens the doors for our students to work at Italian restaurants recently opening in Lebanon," said the director of the school Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed.

The course is divided into two parts: food presentation and traditional Italian recipes.

Speaking like an Italian designer, the Italian chef Roberto Marfella said "pasta also can be trendy and has its fashion and colors...using natural colorants like cocoa, carrots, spinach, and basil."
" You are the masters of your dishes and banquet. You create whatever your fantasy pictures." The Italian chef added.

Students learned the Italian art of food presentation, with vegetable-made flowers and boats, using tomatoes peels, radishes, and green peppers.

Looking deep into the course value, " UNIFIL , and particularly Italian battalion, proved to be efficient in delivering its tasks not only in terms of sustaining peace and providing humanitarian support, but also in terms of education and exchange of knowledge and experience with the local society," said Mayor of Tyre Mr. Hasan Dbouk

He pointed out that "Italians have obtained a guarantee of establishing everlasting ties with the Lebanese, as we will keep cooking and eating Italian pasta."

Buon appetito and sahteyn!


Article: Hiba Monzer
Video Editor: Suzane Badereddine
Video Camera: Mohamad Hamze
Photo: Pascual Gorriz Marcos