More south Lebanese villages benefit from UNIFIL donations

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27 Feb 2024

More south Lebanese villages benefit from UNIFIL donations

As the exchanges of fire affecting south Lebanon run into the fifth month forcing thousands to flee to safety, UNIFIL peacekeepers have been assisting the people remaining in their villages with their most pressing needs.

Medical treatment and donations have been at the centre of the UNIFIL assistance to the local population.

Over the past weeks, people living in the villages of Al Hinniyah, Frun, Meis al-Jabal and Majdal Selim benefitted from the support provided by UNIFIL’s Chinese, Indonesian and Nepalese peacekeepers.

On 22 February, a medical team from the Chinese Multi-role Engineering Unit treated 27 patients while distributing 10 types of drugs in the south-western village of Al Hinniyah.

Indonesian support benefited about 150 students of Frun Public School, which received medicines as well as other school supplies.

Likewise, on 19 and 20 February, Nepalese peacekeepers donated 15 types of medicines to the Meis al-Jabal Governmental Hospital and the Majdal Selim Municipality. This is in addition to the weekly supply of 11,000 liters of water to the Meis al-Jabal Hospital, ensuring the hospital's uninterrupted operation.

These support initiatives follow similar donations in various locations of south Lebanon by Finnish, Ghanaian, Korean, Indian, Irish and Spanish peacekeepers.

UNIFIL remains committed to assisting and addressing the needs of local communities, which is crucial during these challenging times.