More Power to the Municipality

5 Jan 2023

More Power to the Municipality

The Khiam municipal building in southeastern Lebanon recently received its first ever solar power system, thanks to peacekeepers from UNIFIL.

Thousands of local residents, including a few hundred Syrian refugees, benefit from the municipality’s support through various social and educational projects and activities.

However, the deepening economic crisis and the collapse of the Lebanese currency have all but brought the national electricity supply to its knees and made fuel for generators out of reach for most municipalities, including Khiam. Lack of regular power doesn’t just complicate the work of the municipality - it often brings it to a standstill.

With the solar power system in place, a steadier supply of electricity will be ensured, which in turn will allow the municipality to extend its operational hours and services provided to the residents.

The project was jointly inaugurated by representatives of UNIFIL’s Spanish Battalion and the Mayor of Khiam, Mr. Adnan Alyan, in the presence of UNIFIL’s Civil Military Cooperation and Civil Affairs who were involved in the implementation of the project.

This project was one of UNIFIL’s "Quick Impact Projects" (QIPs), which the mission has been implementing since the adoption of Security Council Resolution 1701 in 2006.  QIPs are small-scale projects designed for rapid implementation to benefit the local population while addressing some of the most pressing needs of the communities and local authorities. Due to the current economic situation, solar power projects have become one of the most common support projects requested of UNIFIL by communities in South Lebanon.