Major General Beary meets with Minister Machnouk

31 Jan 2017

Major General Beary meets with Minister Machnouk

UNIFIL Head of Mission and Force Commander Major General Michael Beary today met with the Lebanese Minister of Interior Nouhad Machnouk, in Beirut.

During the meeting, which was his first with the Minister since taking charge of UNIFIL in July last year, Major General Beary briefed on the situation in the UN Mission's area of operation in south Lebanon as well as on the ongoing "Strategic Review" of UNIFIL.

During the meeting, UNIFIL Head of Mission Major General Beary emphasized the significance of the existing cooperation of the Lebanese authorities with UNIFIL, including at the municipal level, which has achieved many positive results in stabilizing the south.

"The mission continues to undertake key capacity support interventions targeting different sections of the community. Training modules and expertise exchange workshops have been conducted for municipal police officials, civil defense personnel and Internal Security Forces personnel," he said. "UNIFIL is prepared to continue these projects where communities identify the need; we are ready to support the Ministry in strengthening the resilience of the municipalities and communities in the south through various activities undertaken by UNIFIL's Civil Affairs Office and various troop contributing countries."

Earlier in the day, Major General Beary met with the Director General of Lebanon's General Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, in Beirut.