LAF soldiers train with UNIFIL peacekeepers on explosives disposal

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8 Sep 2020

LAF soldiers train with UNIFIL peacekeepers on explosives disposal

UNIFIL’s Sector East units trained last week with the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) in Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) in the Sector Headquarters in Ibl el-Saqi.

During the 4-day training, from 1 to 4 September, trainers from UNIFIL’s Spanish Engineering Unit taught participants basic aspects of demining, practical sessions on using metal detectors and drilling techniques.

The participants also learned about "in situ" removal and neutralization of mines by using explosives.

Peacekeepers from El Salvador, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Serbia and Spain made up the UNIFIL participants.

The training programme sought to share knowledge and skills in an international environment as well as enhance capabilities of the LAF in demining activities.

Extending support to and raising capabilities of the LAF is a major element of UNIFIL Security Council resolution 1701, which forms the core of UNIFIL’s mandate. While extending UNIFIL’s mandate for one more year, the Council on 28 August 2020 also called on the LAF and UNIFIL “to strengthen their coordinated actions.”

(Photos: Corporal Rubio Cordoba Mari Luz / UNIFIL Spanish Contingent)