Fostering a culture of peace

Actors performing at the opening ceremony at the Istanbouli Theatre in Tyre.

One of actresses during the performance at the opening ceremony at the Istanbouli Theatre in Tyre.

Performers are awarded with the diploma of the Tyros Arts Association in Tyre.

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18 Jun 2015

Fostering a culture of peace

In February this year, UNIFIL's Civil Affairs donated sound and light equipment to Tyros for Arts association, which is involved in organising art workshops and festivals in Tyre.

UNIFIL's involvement contributed to the success of theatre, cinema, poetry, and arts workshops involving around one hundred southern children from eleven different educational institutions. The students displayed their artwork on Monday 15 June at Istanbouli theatre located in al-Hamra Cinema, in front of a host of UNIFIL senior officers as well as local dignitaries and art lovers.

UNIFIL Deputy Head of Mission and Director of Political and Civil Affairs, Imran Riza said, "It is extremely important for us to try to connect with the local population, the local communities and the local authorities, and see what we can do creatively to really move towards the culture of peace."

A member of Tyre municipality, Ali Charafeddine said, "It is an occasion to meet and celebrate the inauguration of artistic sessions, the first capacity building project carried out in cooperation with UNIFIL and with its support. This project has and is contributing to reinforcing art and theatrical drama as well as the audio-visual culture and photography in addition to martial arts, at the theatre of Tyros for Arts association."

"This project has always been a major dream for us. Today, this dream is coming true," Qassem Istanbouli the founder of the Istanbouli theatre said, after pointing out that "Tyre is the city of theatre, hosting the second oldest Roman theatre..."

"Thanks to the efforts of a team of young people, Istanbouli theatre succeeded in starting free-of-charge festivals and shows for the local people, which allows us to spread the culture of art, theatre, cinema and music in the city," Qassem added.

The association has organised two international festivals in Tyre in the last eight months, the Tyre International Theatre Festival and the Tyre International Short Movies Festival.

The equipment will be used in future performances and workshops which will allow further youth to benefit in the future.