Foreign Affairs Committee members of Lebanese Parliament visit UNIFIL

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5 Oct 2018

Foreign Affairs Committee members of Lebanese Parliament visit UNIFIL

A seven-member delegation of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Lebanese Parliament visited the UNIFIL Headquarters and the Mission’s area of operation today to see first-hand the crucial work carried out by the UN peacekeeping force in south Lebanon.

UNIFIL Head of Mission and Force Commander Major General Stefano Del Col greeted the delegation, headed by the Committee Chairman Yassine Jaber, as they arrived in the UNIFIL Headquarters in Naqoura. This is the first such visit by the Committee members.

Major General Del Col expressed his gratitude to the delegation for their first-ever visit to UNIFIL and its area of operation, and the continued support of the Government of Lebanon in the implementation of the Mission’s mandate.

He briefed the delegation on the situation in the 1,060 square kilometre UNIFIL area of operation along the 120-kilometre Blue Line as well as the work carried out by the Maritime Task Force in patrolling Lebanese territorial waters in close coordination with the LAF Navy. UNIFIL Head of Mission also stated that the situation remains calm and the last 12 years of stability has spurred economic activities. He also highlighted the importance of the reinforcement of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and the further extension of state authority in the area.

In his comments, Mr. Jaber said the visit was the confirmation of “our appreciation and support” for UNIFIL’s role in south Lebanon. “The existing cooperation between the Lebanese Army and UNIFIL peacekeepers has resulted in the last 12 years of stability, peace, security and prosperity,” he said. “We hope that this cooperation continues, and we commit to United Nations [Security Council] Resolution 1701 and UNIFIL’s role.”

Besides Mr. Jaber, other members of the delegation included Members of Parliament Ibrahim Azar, George Okais, Ali Bazzi, Kassem Hachem, Hagop Bakradonian and Fouad Makhzoumi.

During the visit, the parliamentarians also toured the Blue Line and received briefings at a UNIFIL position along the way on how UNIFIL peacekeepers work around the clock, in close coordination with the LAF, to maintain calm in the area of operation and along the line of withdrawal.


Article: Tilak Pokharel
Video Editor: Suzane Badereddine
Video camera: Mohamad Hamze
Photo: Pascual Gorriz Marcos