Children revel at the 2014 Spring Festival

Group of pupils from the region of As Sultanyieh watching performances.

Children clapping hands while watching the performances at the Spring Festival in As Sultanieh, South Lebanon.

Girl carrying balloons during an entertainment performance.

Irish peacekeeper playing traditional Irish pipe at the Spring Festival.

Athlete from Gymbo Team showing acrobatic jumps to children and peacekeepers during the Spring Festival.

Two Indonesian peacekeepers performing magical tricks.

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30 Apr 2014

Children revel at the 2014 Spring Festival

The tradition annual children's spring festival once again brought together hundreds of children at a celebration to receive the spring in Sultaniyeh southern town, Tibnin area.

For the eighth consecutive year, ALPHA Non-Governmental Organisation and al-Qalaa Union of Municipalities organised the Children Spring Festival for children of Bint Jbeil, Marjeyoun and Tyre districts. For the third consecutive year, UNIFIL took part in cultural performances and games that allowed interaction with the children, UNIFIL Civil Affairs officer, Rola Bzeih, pointed out.

Peacekeepers from different battalions presented folkloric dances, giving the children the chance to get acquainted with the different cultures of soldiers whom they frequently see in military attire. Gymnastic shows, basketball games and other sport activities as well as interactive games were also on the programme.

Children were the "VIP" guests of the day at Sultaniyeh Liberation Education Complex. Almost all agreed that it was a great day full of fun and great shows.

Zaynab said that she played and enjoyed a lot. Mahmoud was very happy. "I preferred the activities of breaking wood with karate moves," he stressed.

Abder Rida said that he was "very happy. It was the nicest day. We watched basketball, gymnastics and sports. We were very astonished today."

Zahra', a regular at the festival, said that the shows this year were much better than the previous years.

"Thanks a lot UNIFIL and Inshallah you keep presenting such nice shows to us," Abder Rida gushed spontaneously.