Aggressive behaviour towards UNIFIL patrols

3 Feb 2017

Aggressive behaviour towards UNIFIL patrols

This morning, two UNIFIL patrols in the general area of Al Mansouri-Majda Zun (Sector West) were obstructed by groups of aggressive men who attempted to cause physical harm to the peacekeepers and UN assets.

In separate incidents, civilians attempted to block the way of UNIFIL patrols and attacked the peacekeepers. While exercising utmost restraint, UNIFIL patrol vehicles had to push aside some civilian vehicles used as roadblocks in order to safely pull out from the locations. There were no injuries to UN peacekeepers, but severe damages were caused to UNIFIL vehicles.

UNIFIL was in immediate contact with the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and is working with the LAF to determine the precise circumstances and the cause of the incidents.

UNIFIL Head of Mission and Force Commander Major General Michael Beary reiterated the importance of UNIFIL’s safety and freedom of movement in its area of operations in south Lebanon, which is central to maintaining peace and stability in the area.