• 235 - Salam from the South – Together we can do more (in English) | 27 May 2022

    UNIFIL supports the community and Lebanese governmental institutions, especially during the unprecedented economic crisis the country is facing. Recently, the Lebanese Civil Defense regional training center for the Nabatieh governorate was inaugurated in Bourj Al Mulouk village.  Its construction was funded by UNIFIL, but the project was actually the result of joint efforts by many participants.

    Here is the link to full story in SoundCloud

  • 234 - Salam from the South – Cambodians in the Minefield (in English) | 16 May 2022

    Past military conflicts have left south Lebanon with many unexploded mines, bombs, and other ordinances. Lands around Meis El Jabal village close to the Blue Line were especially heavily affected. The situation has been drastically changed since UNIFIL Cambodian de-miners went there in May 2021. They helped to put abandoned agricultural fields into use again to the benefit of the local farmers.

  • 233- Salam from the South - Harnessing Solar Energy (in English) | 19 April 2022

    The demand for solar power projects has increased rapidly in the last two years due to the economic crisis in Lebanon. Recently, UNIFIL’s Finnish contingent in cooperation with the municipality of Bani Hayan village implemented a solar project that provides the municipal building with 25 amperes of green energy

  • 232- Salam from the South - Irish Veteran (in English) | 04 April 2022

    Sergeant Major Stan Hurley from UNIFIL’s Irish contingent first came to Lebanon in 1983. Since then, he has served as a peacekeeper in many other places, but over the years he kept returning to Lebanon. This current and final tour of duty is his 10th tour in Lebanon out of 18 overseas tours of duty in his long military career.

  • 231- Salam from the South - Blida Project (in English) | 14 March 2022

    UNIFIL’s Nepalese peacekeepers, in cooperation with the local authorities, funded a major agricultural and public garden project in the village of Blida. The project, built in an open field close to the Blue Line, comprises rainwater ponds and recreational area. This project will irrigate nearby fields while also serving as a community meeting hub. It will benefit thousands of Blida residents.

  • 230- Salam from the South - Women In Blue Helmets (in English) | 07 March 2022

    Women have made enormous contributions in peacekeeping. Among UNIFIL’s 10,000 soldiers there are many women in uniform leading patrols, working with local communities, removing landmines, and providing medical care, among other roles.

    This Radio story is about two female peacekeepers performing some of the most challenging duties in south Lebanon.

  • 229- Salam from the South - Austrian Donation (in English) | 15 February 2022

    UNIFIL and its troop-contributing countries are proud to support projects that help local people and communities – projects in health care (including COVID-19 prevention), education, the environment, food security, agriculture, and more. The Austrian contingent’s strong support for the Mosan Center for children with special needs is but one example of the close relationships UNIFIL peacekeepers have with the local community.

  • 228- Salam from the South - Patrolling

    Patrolling is one of the most important activities that peacekeepers perform. Patrols allow peacekeepers to monitor the cessation of hostilities, and take note of any suspicious or unusual activity, to immediately inform Lebanese Armed Forces colleagues for action.

  • 227- Salam from the South - Together in the Sea (in English) | 17 January 2022

    The first United Nations naval peacekeeping force in history, UNIFIL’s MTF supports the Lebanese Navy in monitoring Lebanese territorial waters, securing the Lebanese coast, and preventing the unauthorized entry of arms or related materiel into Lebanon by sea. The MTF’s mission also focuses on training the Lebanese Navy so in the future it can fully perform the maritime security tasks currently supported by UNIFIL’s naval peacekeepers.

  • End of year message from UNIFIL's Head of Mission and Force Commander, Major General Stefano Del Col