• 259 - Salam from the South - Returning Lands Free of Deadly Mines

    The farmers in Meiss Al Jabal village in south Lebanon received 10 plots of land cleared of the deadly threat of mines and other explosive ordinances after two years of humanitarian demining works done in the village. This came as a result of joint efforts by the UN Mine Action Service, UNIFIL deminers, and the Lebanon Mine Action Center.

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  • 258 - Salam from the South - The International Civilian Staff of UNIFIL

    What many people may not realize is that alongside the roughly 10,000 peacekeeping troops currently serving with UNIFIL, there are also about 800 civilian staff that work hard to keep the peacekeeping mission going. In our previous Radio episode, we talked about the Lebanese civilian staff members working in UNIFIL. Today, we will introduce you to the international civilian staff members serving with their Lebanese colleagues to support the mission. Three of the international staff we will talk to today will share with us a little bit of their journey with the United Nations around the world and with UNIFIL, serving for peace in south Lebanon.

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  • 257 - Salam from the South - The Lebanese Civilian Staff of UNIFIL

    Since the mission arrived in south Lebanon in 1978, hundreds of thousands of UN peacekeepers have served with UNIFIL, including the roughly 10,000 peacekeeping troops currently present.  What people may not realize is that UNIFIL also has civilian staff members that work to support the mission and its complex operations. There are currently about 800 civilian peacekeepers working in UNIFIL, most of whom are Lebanese. In our episode today we will introduce you to three of UNIFIL’s Lebanese civilian peacekeepers. They will share with us their experience and insights into serving for peace in their own home country.

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  • 256 - Salam from the South - UNIFIL and ISF Exchange Expertise

    “Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Scene” training was organized in in UNIFIL headquarters in Naqoura. The training course brought together members of the Internal Security Forces Investigative Unit and UNIFIL Carabinieri or Italian military police operating within UNIFIL. This training offered a good platform to exchange expertise between peacekeepers and ISF personnel.

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  • 255 - Salam from the South - Working for Peace for 75 Years

    UNIFIL Head of Mission and Force Commander Major General Aroldo Lázaro says, “The 75th anniversary of UN Peacekeeping operations is an occasion to pay tribute to all the peacekeepers, women and men, who over the past 75 years have served for peace throughout the world”.

  • 254 - Salam from the South - Powering Up the Internal Security Forces

    Lieutenant Colonel George Eid, Commander of the Internal Security Forces’ Tyre Regional Brigade says, “The tasks of the Internal Security Forces require continuous work, 24/7. The solar energy project provided by UNIFIL’s Office of Civil Affairs secured this continuity”.

  • 253 - Salam from the South - Demining for a Safer South Lebanon | 28 April 2023

    Landmines, and other unexploded ordnances remain a serious threat in south Lebanon and UNIFIL deminers, together with other stakeholders, continue their relentless search for unexploded remnants of war.

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  • 252 - Salam from the South - Rocket Launch and UNIFIL Action | 25 April 2023

    Just before 3 p.m. on April 6, UNIFIL radar detected multiple rocket launches from three locations in southern Lebanon toward Israel. Explosions were heard over the south, including the mission’s Naqoura headquarters, as Israel’s Iron Dome defence system intercepted many of the rockets. UNIFIL’s Head of Mission and Force Commander, Major General Aroldo Lázaro, was on the phone immediately to urge restraint and ensure the crisis didn’t escalate.

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  • 251 - Salam from the South - Raising Awareness about UXOs | 22 March 2023

    Recently an Explosive Ordnance Risk Education event was organized at Al Tahrir High School in Al Sultaniyah village, south Lebanon. The event, a joint effort of many stakeholders, aimed to raise awareness among students of the dangers of unexploded ordnances and explosive remnants of war, in order to reduce accidents and deaths.

  • 250 - Salam from the South - Safeguarding Lebanon’s Territorial Waters | 6 March 2023

    UNIFIL Maritime Task Force is the first naval component in the history of United Nations peacekeeping operations and was deployed in Lebanon under Security Council Resolution 1701 back in 2006.  The Task Force has, since the very beginning, been providing substantial support to the Lebanese Navy, not only in monitoring territorial waters but also in building its capacity and capabilities.

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