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UNIFIL Media line on the situation in UNIFIL’s area of operations

06 May 2013, Naqoura - The situation in UNIFIL’s area of operations remains generally calm. UNIFIL and the Lebanese Army have intensified patrols and security control of the area following increased tensions in the region.

We are working in close collaboration with the parties and they have reiterated their commitment to the cessation of hostilities and to resolution 1701.


In the course of last week, UNIFIL observed a higher number of Israeli air violations over the Lebanese airspace on specific days. Israeli overflights are in violation of Lebanese sovereignty and of resolution 1701. We are aware of the concerns raised by the Lebanese government in this regard.
UNIFIL has lodged firm protests with the IDF on this matter, asking them to cease the overflights.


UNIFIL informs UN Headquarters everyday about all violations, including Israeli overflights and they in turn keep the UN Security Council informed.

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